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Fire protection closure FIRESAFE R90 for pneymatic conveyors

  • building approval No. Z-19.17-1180
  • fire protection closure with 100% unrestricted passage
  • for pneumatic conveyors, certified according to DIN 4102-11
  • tube diameter ranging from NW 100 to 630 mm
  • types of installation: onto wall, below or above ceiling
  • closing procedure: currentless via spring return engine

Consists of:

  • main unit made from steel sheet, housing painted according to RAL 3000
  • mounting frame for mount onto building structure
  • spring return engine CA 1.20F, 24 Volt optionally spring return engine CA 2.20F 230 Volt, for opening
  • lift mechanism for mechanical, currentless closing
  • built-in limit switches, clasps for potential-free exits
  • 2 pipe sockets (1x 250 mm length, 1x 500 mm length)

Areas of application:

  • pneumatic conveyors
  • pneumatic dispatch
  • garbage chute systems
  • downpipes
  • ventilation systems with aggressive media
  • dust extraction units
  • inspection ports
  • transformer rooms
  • industrial ventilation
  • smoke control





FIRESAFE R90 schliessmechThe FIRESAFE R90 with 100% unrestricted passage is always open during operation of the system. In case of danger, smoke detectors, temperature switches and other sensors will send a signal to the operating unit. Inside the operating unit, the power circuit to the engine is interrupted and the built-in spring return actuator will currentlessly close the FIRESAFE R90. Depending on the conveyed medium (solid, liquid, gaseous) in the extraction pipe, the FIRESAFE R90 is only able to close as soon as there is no medium remaining in the closing area and the volume flow is lowered to 0 m/s. Due to built-in limit switches inside the engine the closed as well as the open position can be requested at all times.

During the closing procedure, the endless tape running over two opposite wheels is shifted in a way which causes the holes possessing the same diameters as the distance tube and the connection tube to lie on the top and the bottom edge of the housing.

In between the endless tape an isolation block is situated, which is also called thermo block. The thermo block has a distance tube shrink-wrapped into its middle part, which has small holes in it.

The thermo block is filled with a special material, namely HYDROSAFE. This material is able to convert the gauging water which is needed for the production of the casting compound, into 95% crystalline water (physical water).

When heat is used on the thermo block, the crystalline water in the HYDROSAFE is re-liquified and due to the pressure developing inside the thermo block, the water is pushed into distance tube.

The water collecting in the cavity (nominal size and height of the thermo block) is unable to escape from there. The closing strap being forced toward both sides of the thermo block swollen sealing strips obstructs the water's way out of the cavity. Thus, the liquid water evaporates inside the cavity, given the circumstances of an extended period of time and the temperature rising above 100°C

The water vapour cools down the strap's side facing the fire and therefore gives it the ability to withhold the fire for the duration of 90 minutes and up.

1) HYDROSAFE is a casting and smoothing compound with the general construction supervision test report of P-3943/8797. HYDROSAFE was developed in a collaboration of the companies GSB and gräfix. It can also be used for filling and scoffing gaps in walls and ceilings. It is especially well suited for filling the gaps resulting from installation of doorframes, tubes, fire protection systems etc. HYDROSAFE is certified according to DIN 4102 A1.

Fire protection closure FIRESAFE R90

DIBt authorisation number: Z-19-17.1180
Fire resistance duration: 90 minutes, certified according to DIN 4102 part 111
Scope of application:
  • pipeline systems for gases
  • pipeline systems for delivering dust-like, granular, splintery or fibrous transportation goods (pressure +/- 25 kPa)
  • pipeline systems for extraction of fats, oils or other substances afflicting air
  • pneumatic dispatch systems, dust extraction pipes, etc.
Tube diameter: NW 100 to 630 mm
Permitted components: masonry > 115 mm
concrete > 100 mm
Types of installation: wall mounting
above ceiling
below ceiling
  • sheet steel St37

By request:

  • stainless steel V2a 1.4301
  • special varnishing


nominal size
in mm
in mm
in mm
in mm
in kg
NW 100 - 200 615 570 200 ca. 75
NW 224 - 355 812 725 200 ca. 100
NW 400 - 630 1.370 1.040 300 ca. 350


socket length: front: 250 mm
back (facing wall/ceiling): 500 mm
special lengths per request
Closing procedure: currentless by spring force
Opening procedure: by electric engine
Number of engines: NW 100 - 355: 1 engine
NW 400 - 600: 2 engines
Spring return actuator: 24 Volt or
230 Volt
Triggering: smoke detector or
temperature indicator


100% unrestricted cross-section

  • less deposit
  • less cleaning expenditure
  • no additional pressure drop
  • low operating expenses
  • 100% security