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FIRESAFE® II K90 - Example of use 10

Relocation of fire areas in order to install FIRESAFE II K90


firesafeIIK90 Anwendung 10



FIRESAFE II K90 protects the bordering fire area (central air exhaust). In case of a lack of space or reconstruction, a change of the fire areas might be required. By adding a pedestal (1) made of concrete (min. 150 mm) or masonry (min. 115 mm), there will be a sufficient amount of space for the attachment of the FIRESAFE II K90. ATTENTION: the pedestal must be attached to a concrete panel at least 150mm thick, in order to provide conformity according to the building approval.

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100% unrestricted cross-section

  • less deposit
  • less cleaning expenditure
  • no additional pressure drop
  • low operating expenses
  • 100% security