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GBSmbH was founded in 1996 by experts with over 20 years of experience in the branch of preventive fire protection for building technology.


Innovation is our tradition

Many years of experience in preventive fire protection pose our innovative strength's groundwork. Extensive research for and development of our fire protection enclosure FIRESAFE R90 led up to our first groundbreaking success: the building approval Z-19.17-1180.

After further developing and improving the FIRESAFE R90, we launched the FIRESAFE K90 - a fire protection enclosure with building approval (No. Z-41.3-576) for industrial kitchen exhaust air. These steps have been and are some of the most important innovations in the branch of preventive fire protection. Up until now, there was no such thing as fire protection enclosures approved for industrial kitchens. 10 years after the launch of our first FIRESAFE we came up width innovation: the FIRESAFE II K90. The FIRESAFE II K90 is the derivative of its famous predecessor. The further development was based mainly on our customers' wishes during the last 10 years.

We continued following our unswerving course of innovation with the oxygen activation LH-SYSTEM. Due to its environmentally friendly aspects as well as its great economic properties, oxygen activation is a pioneering technology.

Prepare to expect a lot from us:

  • our employees constantly enhance their knowledge in order to keep on top of the ever-changing state of the art and are well-informed about the current market and its products
  • long-term experience
  • flawless and punctual execution of demanding projects
  • innovative technology and individual customer service
  • great business relations based on trust and fairness
  • and last but not least: great service, service and service.

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